How To Design a Garden for Fragrance

With all the green thumbs preparing their lush and beautiful gardens in the spring, it’s no surprise that multi colored plants pepper the garden.  All of these loud and bright colored plants can make any property look amazing, but consider the flowers that will complement the garden with a pleasant, clean, aroma of flowers.  Nobody is able to just plant a garden on a whim and expect it to look and smell wonderful.  Careful planning must be invested to reach the desired fragrance that comes with the flowers.  Always choose plants that favor each other.

Designing a garden for Fragrance

Designing your garden for fragrance has a lot of moving parts.  Your local nursery will have plant life that will be suitable for your climate and they may also have other non-native plants that can supplement the garden.  Seasonal flowers will maximize the fragrance of the garden because they are all on the same biological clock.  Annuals are seasonal flowers that must be planted every year and blend well with perennials.  Perennials will return every season so you may not need to worry about replanting once you’ve done a round from the start the implementation of your beautiful garden.

After you have investigated the right plant life to put into your garden, charting your flower garden is key to succeeding with a perfect fragrant garden.  Now that you have an idea of what great smelling flowers that you will plant, you still need to list all the materials you will need to put the project in motion.  Listing out all the materials, and identifying the plant life will help save you from trips back and forth to the nursery and hardware stores.  It will also save you a lot of money from buying materials you don’t need.  Your list should have the main components of the flower garden such as garden border materials, mulch, plant food, and flowers or other décor for the garden.

Don’t be discouraged when designing your garden for fragrance.  It may take a few seasons to finally achieve the look you are working towards.  Careful planning, charting the garden and listing the materials will provide a strong baseline for the garden to evolve over the years.  As time goes on and you add a more variety of flowers over the seasons, you will have a beautiful, great smelling garden in your area.  Beautiful gardens don’t appear overnight if you are doing it on your own.  Landscaping companies are very good at doing site surveys of your property and can help you meet your goal of designing a garden for fragrance.  However, these companies are highly skilled gardeners, but the cost my do a deep dive into your bank account.

Designing your own garden for fragrance can be a lot of fun when you have a solid outline listed with goals or milestones.  Without this solid plan, your garden may fail and you might feel beaten by not fulfilling your outcome.  Gardening is meant to be fun and be rewarding, you can accomplish this by working efficiently to design a garden for fragrance.