No More Money on Tangerines. Plant Them at Home and Have Hundreds in Supply

The tangerines are known in Latin as citrus reticulate and Mandarins too. The clementines are seedless tangerines and are really tasty, but also healthy. Apart from the fresh and nice scent and amazing taste, this fruit is also full with antioxidants, vitamins A, C, B12 and potassium too. They help us absorb iron more than usual too.

They are great for fighting pathogens during the winter and make our immunity boosted. Apart from hydration, they also make the skin great and hair too, so we look more youthful. The great news here is that you can plant and grow them at home and make them pesticide-free with our article.


Preparation and sowing

  • Get the seeds and wash them really well. Get an average size pot and it must have drainage holes.
  • Put stones in the bottom and add sand too for more airflow. Fill the pot with soil that is organic and use mix of perlite, compost and peat moss.
  • Water the soil and let it drain to get the most moisture. It must be wet, not soaked.
  • Put a few seeds gently, do not press them hard then cover them with almost an inch of the potting mix.
  • Put clear plastic over the pot and put the pot in a plastic bag to obtain the moisture and warmth. This makes germination faster.
  • The pot has to receive warmth and be in warm location, but not under direct sunlight.
  • Add water sometimes and also keep the soil moist at all times, but not soaked. The first seeding will show in 3 weeks.
  • When you see the first seeding, remove the pot cover and put this under bright spot, but again, not under sun! the heat must be more or less 70 F degrees.
  • Fertilize the plant 3 times per month and do it in the spring and summer. Also use liquid fertilizer with lots of zinc, iron and magnesium.

Plant care

As this tree becomes taller and makes more foliage, transfer it to a bigger container. Do this process as the tree changes sizes and shapes, also give moisture in the pot. Also plant this when spring starts in the back of your garden, especially if you country has a warm climate.

Also often remove every damaged and shriveled parts and branches.

The ripe fruits can be picked only In gentle ways. This is it with some efforts and wishes you can have tangerines at home.

Show this to kids too, it can be really educational and interesting for them, to see how a tangerine tree grows and makes fruits.